Digitise your pricelists & SELL with pinpoint precision

Access pricelists on your phone, save time and boost sales by digitising your pricelists & tracking potential customers from their first point of contact


Simplify & Streamline your Sales Process

Every price list in a click or a tap

Look up any item & its sell price in just a couple of quick clicks or taps. Even on your phone, perfect for your mobile sales force.

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Be the most competitive with your prices

Set your profit margins to what you want & let the computer work out the prices for everything. No more reaching for the calculator & trying to hide costs from customers

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Track every person you speak to

Quote A Boat quoting software saves every quote that you make, along with contact details to help you keep on top of following everyone up to stop leads falling through the cracks

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Read some real life feedback

“Being able to price up a package & send a professional looking quote to someone all from my phone has been awesome”

William Haynes

“Knowing how much GP is in a quote has been revolutionary for us. Instantly being able to see that dropping the price by $3k still leaves me with 17% in a quote has led to a ton more deals for us”

Arron Byrd

“Accountants are happy that we aren't underpricing.
Sales guys are happy that they don't have to dig out & trawl through old pricelists.
Sales Manager is happy that he can see who's making genuine sales & who's just giving boats away for cost”

Paul Hubbard